Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Downtime fail

I am crap at many, many things. Baking, driving ( I can count the number of reverse parks I have done since I got my driver's license on one hand- sad but true. Thank god I live in suburbia) not raising my voice (especially when it comes to my kids. I am a shouter. Big time) I realized today that there is something else I am completely crap at. Doing nothing. I just find it so hard to sit back and do nothing.

I had today off from parental duties. D was at daycare, the big kids were having the time of their lives at their grandma's place- the day was mine. I could have gone to the movies, had a pedicure (I even have a voucher I need to use before it expires), slept, watched DVDs... So many things could has helped me unwind.

I am not built way though. I pulled out my 'to do' list (everyone has these right?) and started writing a list specific for today. Some cleaning, some decluttering of my winter wardrobe, a bunch of errands. I was on fire, crossing many big things from my list. For example tax documents? Sorted! Who does this man? This isn't normal right?

I blame my mother, I am seriously morphing into her the older I get. She is like the original Energiser buny & obviously I take after her to some degree. I have a complete inability to relax while there are jobs to be done. I guess there are worse things to be crap at but one day I am going to see that movie & not worry about cleaning out my car. Just once this is going to happen. Probably once my kids have left home and the car is not as feral as it was today. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sticks & stones

Peasant calves baby! (image)
'Sticks & stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.'

Didn't everyone hear that growing up? I have said the same thing to my own kids (I turn into my mother more and more each day) quite a few times over the past few years. And it is a good saying because it is true, for the most part anyway.  However, I think it needs to be amended to:

'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me (but they may cause lasting psychological trauma)'

I had an academic nemesis throughout high school, for the purpose of this blog post I'll call him Dick. We regularly jockeyed for first place in all of the subjects we did together (I was a nerd) and you could find our pictures under the definition of 'competitive' in the dictionary. 

But do you know what my most vivid memory of Dick is? It was an afternoon of school sport & we were hanging out on the oval waiting for our turn to sprint 100m when Dick turned to me and said, 'you know you have the calves of a peasant woman. They're massive!' I remember laughing off his comment & I am sure I made some kind of witty comeback to fob him off, but that comment has seriously stayed with me ALL these years.

I have always been a size 10, damn these days with my running obsession I am even a size 8 some of the time, but Dick was right, I do have big calves. Not freakish mind you, but ample given the rest of me. He hit a nerve.

And damn it every time I try & fit into a pair of knee high boots & the zipper is a squeeze I think of Dick & that afternoon. Just last week I tried on some skinny jeans in Country Road & the calves were tight, damn Dick strikes again! I shave my legs & my mind wanders to that comment. I look at my legs & think peasant calves. Argh!

I hate that that comment has permeated my consciousness in such a way. It is not even that I am upset about the state of my calves, it is that every time I think about that part of my body Dick comes to mind.

Does anyone else have something similar that was said in passing & has stayed with them through the years?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grossout central

I moshed along to the Smashing Pumpkins with a full bladder. Hard core man. (image)
My very clever sibling P23 has an awesome post about things that gross her out in day to day life. Of course I had to comment & given the length of my comment I thought it a good idea to document my own gross outs:

  • shoes indoors. I'm sorry peeps, I have blogged about this before, but I cannot handle the thought of the festy soles of my shoes, which have seen a public toilet or two, gracing my floor. I also always get horrified at any TV character who curls up on their bed or couch while wearing their shoes. I just can. not. deal.
  • port-a-loos. P23 has documented her own hate. Dare I say mine is worse. I suffered through the 1994 Big Day Out without one trip to the bathroom the entire day, due to the only available loo being a port-a-loo. In related news I can hold on forever, FOREVER, when I need to go to the bathroom. Perhaps that insight is for another post. Ahem.
  • the holy water you're supposed to dip your hand into before you enter a church. I cannot get over the thought of all those people picking their noses & not washing their hands & then dipping their hands in that water. I have always faked using the holy water. Just NO. 
  • loose hair. You know when somebody has a hair that has already fallen out but is still hanging out on their head? That is nails on a blackboard for me. I run my fingers through my hair a lot checking if there is any loose hair I can get rid of before it falls out on my floor. I am anal about cleaning the bathroom floor of any hair before I leave it. I have a mini vacuum cleaner in there for this very purpose. It is a THING for me & I may have even had a fight with the hubs yesterday about his lackluster efforts in the hair pick up department.
 Good lord that felt freeing. I also seem to have an obsession with clean floors as that is a common theme running through my gross out list. Thanks P23!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mythical creatures

She can't handle the truth! (image)
I am crap at the parenting caper a lot of the time. I find myself blindsided by stupid little things though. For example I am hopeless at the whole Santa thing at Christmas time. I maintain the Santa myth for the kids, but if I am being honest I find it a chore. There I said it internet, I am not a fan of these myths.

Of course, the intensity of Miss M makes myth maintenance hard work. This past Christmas there were many, many questions about the life of Mrs Claus. What was her first name? Did she have kids with Mr Claus? What did she do all day? Did she work? Had she ever worked? Was she born on the North Pole? How long had she been married to Mr Claus? What did she do on Christmas eve? And on and on and on....

This past year Miss M has entered the tooth losing phase of her life. How did my baby get so big? Exciting times! On the other hand, ugh, the myth of the tooth fairy? So, so, not a fan. I am being a good mum and keeping the mystery alive, but once again am not enjoying it much and have become quite hopeless at it.

Take the shenanigans surrounding the loss of her latest tooth. She faithfully put it under her pillow and I completely and totally forgot about it. The evening the tooth fairy was meant to visit D came down with a stomach bug & I was dealing with vomit the entire night. I saved the day by letting Miss M know the tooth fairy had skipped our house as she knew D was sick & couldn't risk passing on the bug to other kids.

What was my excuse for forgetting again the next night? Look, I had nothing.Thankfully while Miss M's back was turned I slipped $10 under her music box and we laughed about how silly the tooth fairy is getting in her old age. Didn't she know the difference between a pillow and a music box?

Why $10 you ask? Is that the going rate these days? Thankfully it is not, however when you keep forgetting to play the tooth fairy for your kid & have all of 5 seconds to keep the myth alive you'll grab whatever you can from your wallet without arousing suspicion.

Now we have Easter coming up. I have to do the Easter Bunny? Seriously? What is his deal anyway? I am going to have to come up with a back story in any event as Miss M is going to want to know enough to write his biography in a few weeks.

Friday, March 9, 2012


D's doppelganger (image)
I was the eldest of three kids growing up. I never had predetermined plans when it came to my own family, but I think in the back of my mind I knew that three was a number that sounded right.

I had Miss M & Miss V in less than two years and had done the whole baby & toddler stages when I started getting the urge to have another. I wouldn't say I was clucky exactly, but it definitely felt like I wasn't 'done' having kids. I had no urge to have a boy. If I am being honest I much preferred the idea of having another girl. Regardless of gender, the idea of three children just felt right.

Of course now D is here I cannot imagine life without him or what I did with myself without him around. The hour between 5 and 6pm was certainly more calm, I actually got to sleep longer than 3 hour stretches at night (sob!) and my boobs were my own.

D almost broke me as a baby. I can say that with certainty now with the benefit of hindsight. He continues to push me to my limits as a toddler. However, mixed in with the stress of being his mother has always been the relief of knowing that once I weather the hard bit I am dealing with at any moment, it will become part of my history. I felt like I had climbed Mount Everest when I had made it through the first 6 weeks of his life and knew that I never had to do that with another newborn EVER again.

I don't find myself looking back much and missing any particular aspect of his life as time marches on. Instead I look forward to the future (some of which has already arrived as he toddles about the place like a little drunk man) and knowing that soon sleepless nights will be over.  At least until Miss M and Miss V hit puberty and I start waiting up for them to arrive home on a Saturday night. I figure I have at least 5 or 6 years of sleep before that arrives though and I am going to enjoy the hell out of sleep until it does!

How did you know when you were done having kids?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday miscellania

So life is currently kicking my butt & blogging has fallen to the wayside.

What's been going on in the land of Aneets?

  • I've started working again, just a couple of days a week, and I love it. It helps that D is loving daycare. He is a real social butterfly & loves hanging with other kids.
  • D has started walking! It is a whole new world with him getting around upright & it has meant that I see glimpses of the toddler he is becoming. I am excited for all of the fun that lies ahead.
  • Miss V started kindergarten & is loving it. She has taken to it like a pro & has also seemed to grow up overnight.
  • I have stuck with my running regime & am loving it as much as ever. Endorphins have seriously saved me these last 12 months. I feel strong & more fit than I ever have before.
  • P23 is pregnant! How exciting is that? I am just so glad that D's shenanigans have not turned her off having another one. Am very much looking forward to getting a high off that intoxicating newborn smell in a few months.
I think that has us just about caught up. I will try & not leave it as long between posts & find my blogging mojo once again. x

Friday, January 20, 2012

Huge week

Where to start internets? Where to start...

Huge, big, massive week here at Casa de Aneets.

We had the first big night on the town sans little D (I think baby D is now a thing of the past. Sob...). I had been stressed for months about leaving little D with his grandma so we could attend a family wedding. In the end he was totally fine and barely made a peep.

Doesn't everyone spit roast an entire pig for a 1st birthday party? (image)

This big night was followed up by little D's first birthday party. The morning of the party there was torrential rain and it looked like the entire day would be a washout. Luckily, the sky cleared and the sun came out just in time and a great time was had by all, including D who was an angel the whole day. 

Finally, little D started daycare this week. Nobody in the history of motherhood has been more ready to take a break from their child. Nobody. However, as the day approached I started stressing and worrying about how he would cope without me.

You and me both Jesse (image)

Once again little D took the change in his stride. He didn't cry for me once the two days he was there. He loved the new surroundings, the food, the kids and even napped fairly easily.

Who is this kid?